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Cane River

Film Festival

Historic Downtown Natchitoches

March 20-21,2020


Natchitoches has a long and intimate history with American cinema. The Cane River film festival represents the latest chapter in that history. We are as diverse as the community that we represent.

The Melrose Plantation.

The Melrose Plantation.

Our Mission is to showcase, nurture and support the emerging creative filmmakers. At the Cane River film festival, we pride ourselves on building a unique and powerful hub for filmmakers all over the World.

Photo by Betty Metoyer Roque.

Photo by Betty Metoyer Roque.

The festival will take place in the historic district of Natchitoches, La, USA, March 20-21,2020. The festival highlights the work of International and National student/independent filmmakers and Natchitoches' contribution to the film industry.  


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